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How to store your chocolate ?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Chocolate tablets on the counter of the chocolate store Vanessa Renard Finest Chocolate in Etterbeek.

You have chosen your favourite chocolates and you are wondering how to store them properly?

The shelf life will differ depending on the type of product. A bar of pure chocolate can be kept for up to one year if it is kept dry and at a stable temperature. The ideal storage temperature is between 18 and 21°c.

Indeed, chocolate does not tolerate humidity or temperature changes. That is why we say to avoid the fridge when storing chocolate ;-).

If you put your chocolate bar in the fridge, it will lose its shine and the texture will become a little grainy. It is the reaction to the cold of the cocoa butter contained in the chocolate which freezes up and brings it to the surface. We often talk about this whitening of the chocolate which occurs after shocks of temperature (the fat of cocoa or the sugar comes out on the surface). The chocolate remains edible but it will be less bold in flavor and also less beautiful. Milk chocolate, because of its higher content of cocoa butter and sugar, is more sensitive to temperature changes. It will be less resistant to the heat for example.

If you have a cooler room, where the temperature remains fairly stable (garage, cellar, hallway,...), it is the perfect place. So use the fridge as a last resort, and in an airtight box to protect it from moisture and smells of other foods present in the fridge that it could absorb. When you want to eat it, leave it at room temperature for a few minutes so that it recovers all its flavors.

For the pralines, which are even more delicate because of their ingredients and textures (ganache, caramel, praliné, fruit jelly...), do not wait more than 3 weeks maximum to eat them. Keep them in a dry environment, away from light and at a stable temperature between 18 and 20°c.

In conclusion do not wait too long to eat your chocolates, this way you will enjoy a maximum of their aromas.

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