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Learn more about the chocolate we use!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Assortments of delicious chocolates and pralines from Vanessa Renard Finest Chocolate shop in Etterbeek, Brussels.

As soon as her chocolate factory opened, Vanessa chose to use organic and fair trade couverture chocolate from a cooperative of producers in Peru. This chocolate has aromas of red fruits and honey typical of criollo (red and yellow pod).

The singularity of Vanessa's chocolates is this subtle balance of flavors. You will find in her pralines the taste of cocoa sublimated by that of the fruits or spices she uses for her ganaches. Her love for pure chocolate can be felt in all her chocolate creations.

In addition to working mainly with organic and fair trade chocolate, she also pays attention to the basic ingredients. Among the pralines, tablets, lollipops and delicacies (truffles, orangettes, etc.), you will find lactose-free and 100% vegan products. These creations reflect the chocolate maker's own health concerns (lactose intolerance for Vanessa) while remaining very gourmet like her.

New flavours and combinations are regularly tested, come and discover them at the chocolate factory or you can always order online via the webshop.

At the shop, chocolate products are also offered in bulk, you can come with your own container or reuse the tablet cases or praline boxes. This approach has been possible since the opening of the chocolate shop; indeed raising awareness of ecological issues is important for Vanessa. And since every little gesture counts, bulk and reuse of containers means a price reduction ;-) : for example, 0.50€ less on your bulk tablet!

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